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History & Experience of Hall Bros

Hall Bros Transportation was incorporated January 1st, 1979.

Hall Bros Trans. started business with Ford Aerospace after a sales call turned into an opportunity after three loads were not delivered on time during their overnight service to Chicago, giving Hall Bros an opportunity to get in with a valuable customer. 

In a short time, Hall Bros went from 2 drivers to 15 drivers and 75 trailers delivering to areas such as Detroit, Louisville, Kansas City, St Louis and Cleveland daily. 

In the early 1990's we began servicing Target Corporation's distribution center in Indianapolis, IN.  We delivered to stores over 250 miles from Indianapolis. We serviced over forty stores and would pick up at their suppliers to return back to Indianapolis. Hall Bros service was 99.9% on time and were awarded Target's Top Service Awards for over 10 years. Our quality and on time service was becoming well known.

Hall Bros was growing and brought on a key customer in Lowe's Corporation, who would become Hall Bros primary customer. Hall Bros serviced Lowe's Corporation's North Vernon, Indiana, Findley, Ohio, and Rome, Georgia distribution centers. Hall Bros won national awards for service every year working with them. Hall Bros Transportation grew to over 100 driver and 500 trailers.

In March of 2019, Hall Bros Transportation, Frank Hall and Sons (Chad and Todd Hall), decided to close its doors after nearly forty year of quality service and on time delivery for some of the biggest corporations in the United States.

All these experiences have set the standard for Hall Bros and the quality services we provide today. 


The facility in Orleans, IN is home to HB Trucking LLC, Hall Bros Service Center, and Hall Bros Trailer Leasing. 

March of 2019, HB Trucking started with one truck and three dry van trailers. Currently at thirteen trucks and over twenty-five trailers and servicing small and large companies in our local area.

In September of 2019, Chad and his brother Todd Hall decided to open Hall Bros Service Center to provide quality repairs and services to semi-trucks and trailers to local companies and individuals. 

November of 2020, Cale and Chase Hall (sons of Chad Hall) started Hall Bros Trailer Leasing. The Trailer Leasing provides high quality dry van trailers for rent/lease to anyone in need of storage or over the road dry van trailers. 


HB Trucking is currently looking for Local and Over-the-Road company drivers and owner-operator Class A CDL drivers in the Midwest, South, and Southeast areas.

HB Trucking's main freight commodities currently consists of furniture and automotive parts/racking loads that are multi-stop and straight run. 

Click learn more to find out about pay, vacation time, and other benefits for working at HB Trucking LLC.

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